The Best Places to Live in America

These spots combine economic growth, affordability, and quality of life. See all 50.In partnership with No. 1Frisco, TexasThis boomtown delivers plenty of bang for residents.  No. 2Ashburn, Va.No. 3Carmel, Ind.No. 4Ellicott City, Md.No. 5Cary,...

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Buyer Beware!

“Buyer Beware” is a phrase we often hear and worry about when we are buying various items; however, the stakes vary based on what is being purchased.  For most, buying a new home will be among the largest purchases a person will make during their lifetime....

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The Burden of Unburdening

Caryl Rivers - Globe Correspondent August 3, 2017 6:25 pm I walk into my daughter’s room clutching a 30-gallon trash bag. I am putting my old Victorian by the harbor on the market, and I am determined to be ruthless. This room, however, vividly illustrates my...

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Dear Sellers, We Love Your House….

Heather Ciras - Globe staff Justin Buck and Paige Nigh were on their third offer. They had put in two others for South Boston condos they liked, but no luck. “[We] were outbid on both,’’ Buck said, so when it came time to make their third offer, their realtor...

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