Adapted from “The Boston Globe” – By Sarah Shemkus | GLOBE CORRESPONDENT  SEPTEMBER 12, 2015


This Fall market is expected to remain strong according to “The Boston Globe” with an influx of inventory anticipated to hit the market after Labor Day. In addition, buyer demand remains strong which fuels the real estate market to remain active and competitive. Some markets are seeing higher record sale prices and multiple offer scenarios, like Brookline, Newton and Downtown Boston, while other markets are seeing a slower progression but still successfully trading properties.

Since the market jump in 2013, MA buyers may have felt discouraged and competitive with 15+ bids on properties and inflated sale prices. Today, the market has stabilized a bit in some markets with less competition but stronger buyer packages. Cash offers are becoming a more popular and attractive choice for sellers while first time home buyers are still eligible for specific mortgage programs. To learn more, click here for the full Boston Globe article. 

If you are thinking of Buying in this market or in the near future, please contact me today! I have successfully transitioned and relocated buyers to various neighborhoods throughout the Metro-Boston area.