24 Harrington St, Watertown

“When my husband and I were relocating to the Boston area in 2011, Lauren was our go to woman. At the time, we were looking for a rental property since we were unfamiliar with the area and Lauren took the entire day to take us out on the town, so to speak, and get us acquainted with real estate in Massachusetts. Needless to say, she helped us get situated in a great first place. Jump ahead to 2013, my husband and I decided to take the next step in making Massachusetts home an started to look into purchasing our first house together. Lauren immediately took us by the hand as first time home buyers and had us go to as many open houses as possible and also helped us establish and re-evaluate our standards. Let me tell you, she is never afraid to tell you what she truly thinks, so we were always on the same page and managed to have a fun time in the process!

Working with Lauren was truly an educational experience and when she takes you under her wing, you truly get an exceptional personalized package. After a few months of searching and trying to find the right place, we located “the one.” Lauren was immediately on the offense and our little gem quickly became ours. Wile any real estate purchase can come with potential hurdles, Lauren made sure that we were always in the know and tried to keep the road as smooth as possible for us. We have now been officially “moved in” for a little over a month and while it remain one of the biggest purchases of our life, Lauren made the decision very easy to make. As we continue to grow into our home, I am sure there will come a time when we need to make the next move. Lauren is definitely on speed dial!
~Lauren and Matt